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May 9, 2019

We welcome Sam Johnson back to the show this week to first flashback to the 90’s with us in our Retro Roundtable. The music pulled us out of the hairband era, the movies began to raise the bar of cinema, and the incredible foods and drinks got us hooked before they disappeared. The 90’s truly had it all and we try to remember as much as we can. Then we cap the segment with 90’s Grunge Band Name Trivia! Jack and Randy must guess if the 90’s grunge band name they are read is real or fake, and the loser must drink a 20 year old bottle of Orbitz! Don’t miss this!

Then we turn our attention to Sam to discuss Geek-Girl. Ruby Kaye, the original Geek-Girl is back in action! The League of Larcenists are now Legion - and after a night on the town with her BFF Summer, Geek-Girl is 'ready' to take them on - with a hangover! Head over to to get your free digital preview!




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