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Nov 26, 2015

Jesse Dubin of 8th Wonder Press returns this week to talk about the comic 'Uncanny Adventures Duo', discuss some of our reoccurring dreams, and share our favorite TV superheroes in this weeks 'Retro Roundtable'.

Nov 20, 2015

We welcome Gary Wright this week to talk about his comic ‘Wild Bullets’ and a couple of monster comics he has coming in 2016. We also discuss movies like ‘Beetlejuice’, 'Jurassic Park’, and ’The Big Lebowski’ in this weeks ‘Retro Roundtable’.

Nov 13, 2015

The guys take the week off, but leave you with the next four episodes of the Superman radio show from the 40's. Episode #13 “The Plane to Canyon City", episode #14 “Left To Be Killed", episode #15 The Prison Riot", and episode #16 “The Steam Plant".  Enjoy!

Nov 6, 2015

We celebrate our 100th episode this week with Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias of, as well as Jeff Holcomb, by revisiting some of our favorite moments over the past 2 years. We discuss Superman in this weeks 'Retro Roundtable' as well as announce our big news!