Get ready loyal listeners, as this week’s episode is sure to be  nothing but keen! We welcome writer Jeff McClelland to the show, writer of ‘The Tick’ comic series. Jeff talks all about how he came to write the series, what it is that makes these characters tick (no pun intended), and the upcoming release of the next issue. Jeff has also helped bring to life other great projects like ‘Flutter’, ‘Fubar’, and the upcoming first volume of ‘Honcho’, set to release early 2017. Be sure to check out our website for more info on Jeff, follow him on Twitter @JeffMcClellad, and check out his blog

In this weeks ‘Retro Roundtable’, we go around sharing who we feel to be the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to popular sidekicks throughout comics, television and movies. Does a certain sidekick come to mind for you? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @CannedAirPod. SPOOOOOON!
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  After a quick declaration on independence, we go at this weeks episode without a guest and try out a new game we call ‘Versus’. Get a chart showing all of your favorite heroes and villains, add the roll of some dice, and discuss which of the two selected characters might win in battle. For this segments first installment, we discuss the possible outcomes between Supergirl Vs. Absorbing Man and The Blob vs. Spider-Man 2099. Tune in to hear our picks and then let us know what you think the outcome might be!
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Happy Halloween to all of our listeners out there! We celebrate All Saint's Day with a jam packed episode guaranteed to give you the creeps.
 We start this week with a Halloween inspired 'Retro Roundtable' full of stories of ghosts and UFO's. We talk about personal experiences, the Creepypasta 'Candle Cove', Russian sleep deprivation experiments, and Dan Aykroyd's family history that was the inspiration behind one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, 'Ghostbusters'.
Then we welcome our first guest, award winning author Nicole Cushing, to talk about her prose novella 'The Sadist's Bible', of This novella was inspired by a 'nightmarish daydream' Nicole experienced while in New Orleans. You'll find this project to be a perfect showcasing for this years Halloween episode.
We then top the episode with our interview with Robin Shelby, the actress who brought to life Slimer in Ghostbusters 2 and Lady Slimer in 'Ghostbusters Answer The Call'. Robin tells us about how she got into acting, what it took to bring Slimer to life, and some scenes that never made it to the big screen.
So kill the lights, throw in some earbuds, and prepare for this years creepy Halloween installment. And should you start hearing bumps in the night, ask yourself, who ya gonna call?
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We welcome comic creators Jerome Walford of, Miguel Guerra of and Jaques Nyemb of to talk about the Gwan Anthology, now available at, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The Gwan Anthology is a collection of creator-owned short stories, centered around themes of foreign lands, the immigrant experience and cultural fusion.

The overall goal for this anthology is to highlight and celebrate comic creators who produce work with a sense of the immigrant/expat perspective, expressing both the joys and challenges of such a journey. The anthology is open to any genre: sci-fi, fantasy or slice of life; open to both real and imagined experiences. This anthology is a beautiful work of art and a title you won’t want to miss out on!

In this week’s ‘Retro Roundtable’, we discuss some of the most well known wealthy fictional characters as well as what each of us might do with a new found fortune. How would you spend your riches? Let us know on Twitter!







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Joining us all the way from Italy, we welcome author and creator Gilbert Gallo to talk about his upcoming comic 'Sancta Sactorum' currently running on Indiegogo until November 4th.

This graphic novel faces strong themes like faith, religion and gives a new, modern, fast and furious view of some of the most important heroes in human history: the Saints. Our main characters are not "perfect" Saints, but "imperfect" human sinners instead, who can wield the miracles hidden in the Holy Relics. They are called the Martyrs. The Saints of the new Church persecute the Martyrs as dangerous heretics and claim one of them is the Antichrist in disguise. The Martyrs on the other hand wish to stop the Patriarch from erasing all human sinners from the Earth along with Demons. Who's right? Who's wrong? If your a fan of 'Preacher' or 'The Da Vinci Code' then this book is for you!

In this weeks 'Retro Roundtable' we discuss one of Marvel's most vicious heroes, Wolverine. We touch on the ups and downs of Wolverine in cinema, what appeals to us about the character, and the release of the new 'Logan' teaser poster. This is one episode you won't want to miss, Bub!

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We welcome Frank Mula of Aces and Eights Press back to the show to discuss his new comic, 'Fallstreak'!

When monsters fall from the sky in a phenomenon known as 'cloud-emptying,' a group of teenagers investigate the government cover-up and accidentally unleash an ancient evil into the world. This was one hell of a good read and we strongly recommend checking it out! Sign up for the Aces and Eights Press newsletter and get access to the comic..for FREE!

Then, inspired by this weeks featured comic, we discuss 'Stranger Things' and all of the movies that inspired this amazing show. So throw in some headphones, crack open a box of Eggo waffles, and enjoy our 150th episode!


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This spend this week's episode reflecting on our time at the Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016! We discuss what we picked up, a few of the famous vehicles we saw, and everything that comes up in between.

The Cincinnati Comic Expo was born when Director Andrew Satterfield—a lifelong Cincinnatian and comics collector—was traveling to yet another comic book show out of town when he was filled with the desire to bring a great comics and pop culture convention to Cincinnati. He decided to make it happen in 2010.

In 2015, the Cincinnati Comic Expo proved to be the largest to-date with 24,000 individuals passing through the convention center over the 3 day event!

In this short period of time, fans and professionals have recognized the Cincinnati Comic Expo as one of the premier comic conventions in the Midwest.

Stay tuned after the show for a panel featuring Ray Park, better known as 'Darth Maul'. Don't miss this episode!

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We welcome creator Richard Rivera back to the show this week to get some updates on one of our favorite comics, 'Stability Bunny'.

Stabbity Bunny focuses of Grace Lee, a seven-year-old girl destined for incredible things, and Stabbity Bunny, a plush rabbit that has been passed down within the family for nearly 100 years.
We find our heroes in peril, and as the story progresses, it quickly turns from dangerous to deadly. We glimpse clues that the Lee family has startling secrets, and Stabbity may be much more than he seems. An evil scheme that has been underway for hundreds of years is moving into its final stages. Grace is targeted, and it will take all her bravery, kindness and smarts to survive. Fortunately, she has Stabbity and a host of unlikely heroes who will set aside their hedge clippers and cookbooks to prove everyday people still matter, even in a modern world filled with impossible choices. Watch for the Stabbity Bunny Trade Kickstarter, starting October 3.

In this weeks 'Retro Roundtable' we roast the worst of the worst in comic movies. Does a certain comic based movie come to mind for you? Then come on in and we'll obliterate it together!


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Are you a fan of noir comics? How about H.P. Lovecraft? Then this is a jam packed episode you won't want to miss!
We welcome Patrick McEvoy and Josh Finney of to talk about their project, Casefile: ARKHAM Her Blood Runs Cold, currently running on Kickstarter until September 24th.
Detective Hank Flynn returns for another case that will lead him into the darkest corners of Lovecraft’s most cursed city—Arkham, Massachusetts. When an old friend shows up at Flynn’s office waving a gun and rambling about “the Abyss of the Shoggoths,” the detective is pulled into a case of love, revenge, and an elite family's generational feud—one which just so happens to involve a cult that has interbred with the spawn of a Sumerian God. Don't miss your chance to back this project!
In this week's 'Retro Roundtable', we share our favorite memories and discuss the genius behind 'South Park' as it approaches its 20th anniversary. So come on down to Canned Air and meet some friends of mine!


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In lieu of Labor Day, we take the week off and leave you with another installment of the 'Superman Radio Show' titled ’The Black Pearl of Ocyrus'. If you want to hear more vintage Superman, check out our catalog for more episodes!
We'll be back next week. Thanks for listening!
'I Am Superman' by 'The Clique'

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