The guys take the week off, but leave your with the first three episodes of the Superman radio show from the 40's. Episode #1 "The Baby From Krypton", episode #2 "Clark Kent Reporter" and episode #3 "Kenos Landslide".  Enjoy!

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CEO and President of 'Hound Comics', Brimstone joins the guys this week to discuss his career in the entertainment industry, his comic series 'Brimstone and the Borderhounds' and all of the hot sauces, pluch figures and fans its created.

Check out everything 'Hound Comics' has to offer at

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Jeramy and Jack are joined by writer Nick Goode and illustrator Harry Hughes to discuss their comic series "Snow The Dawn", the release of "Daredevil" on Netflix and the new Avengers inspired 3D glasses.

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This week, the guys are joined by J.N Monk, writer of "StarHammer", "Enough Space For Everyone" and "Disruption" to discuss their comic projects, two upcoming anticipated movie trailers and the revival of 80's television.

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Sal Brucculeri joins the guys this week to talk about his online comic "C U NEXT TUESDAY", the future plans of DC and Marvel and more rumors surrounding "The Suicide Squad".

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Jack and Jeramy welcome CEO and head writer of New Worlds Comics, Guy Hasson to discuss his comic series 'Wynter' as well as other endeavors.

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Keith Brown joins the guys this week to talk about his comic "The Wages Of Sin", the many new shows coming to Netflix, and the latest twist in "Ghostbusters" news.

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The guys welcome Todd Black to the show this week to talk about his comic series “Guardians”, the Sony/ Spider-Man movie agreement and the newly discovered Dr. Seuss book.

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The guys welcome Robert Salley to the show to talk about his comic series "Salvagers", a possible sequel for "Spaceballs", and yet another advantage for the Man of Steel.

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This week, the guys are joined by comic writer/artist and music composser C.A. Morgan to talk about her web comic "TDUGN", the alarming behavior of Power Rangers these days, and a possible "X-Men" television series on the horizon.

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