This week, Mister V of "Arborcides Comics" joins Jack and Jeramy to discuss his webcomic "Mile High: Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana". The guys also recap on New York Comic Con.


Jennie Wood joins the guys this week to talk about her graphic novel "Flutter", the uncertain future of the Fantastic Four, and the possible new leading man for the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. Stay tuned after the episode to hear "A Girl Like Me", an original song by Jennie Wood from he YA novel "A Boy Like Me".

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Jerome Walford joins Jack and Jeramy to talk about his award winning comic series 'Nowhere Man', the 25th season premier of 'The Simpsons' and the funny smells coming out of the upcoming Harley Quinn Annual #1.

Direct download: Canned_Air_49_Nowhere_Man.mp3
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This week, Courtland Ellis joins Jack, Jeramy and Jeff to discuss his current Kickstarter project "Stabb Gunner". The guys also discuss their experience at the Cincinnati Comic Expo! Listen to Henry Winkler's panel "Jumping The Shark" at the end of this episode!

Direct download: Canned_Air_48_Stabb_Gunner.mp3
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After a sudden change of plans, the guys discuss the new iPhone 6, dig deeper into "Ghostbusters 3", and remember Richard Kiel.

Direct download: Canned_Air_47_Fooled_Again_I_Dont_Like_It.mp3
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The guys welcome Derrick Davis to the show to discuss his project "Jurassic Time: The Memoir of John Parker Hammond", recap on "Ghostbusters 3" , and reveal news on the upcoming television series "Gotham".

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Jack and Jeramy discuss the upcoming Marvel event "Avenger's X-Men Axis", a possible resurgance of two 80's sitcoms, and welcome Shannon Gretzon to the show to talk about his indepentent comic series "The Disgruntled Avenger".

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This week the guys welcome Scott Markley to the show to talk about his comic series 'Unconscious The Grim Sleeper', recap on 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' special features and remember Richard Attenborough and Don Pardo.

Direct download: Canned_Air_44_Unconscious_The_Grim_Sleeper.mp3
Category:Entertainment -- posted at: 12:05am EST

Chris Callahan joins Jack, Jeramy, and Jeff to discuss his comic series 'RoboChuck', future plans for 'The Expendables', and Disney's plans for the original 'Star Wars' Trilogy.

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Jack, Jeramy and Jeff welcome John Yuskaitis to the show to talk about his comic series 'Boots and Pup', discuss the release of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie, and remember Robin Williams.

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