Christopher Caravalho joins Jeramy, Jack and Jeff this week to tallk about his comic 'Aumakua Guardians of Hawaii', the release of 'Ant-Man', and Harry Shearer's return to 'The Simpsons".

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Hound Comics CEO, Brimstone, joins the guy this week to recap on news coming from San Diego Comic Con 2015 and talk about whats new with himself and Hound Entertainment.

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Writer Dave Dellecese joins the guys to talk about 'Holidaze Volume 1' currently running on Kickstarter, the future of the 'Marvel Experience', and the real life superhero, Captain Austrailia!

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The guys take the week off, but leave your with the next three episodes of the Superman radio show from the 40's. Episode #4 "Kent Captured By Seeking Keno", episode #5 "Locomotive Crew Freed" and episode #6 "The Silver Clipper".  Enjoy!

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Illustrator and graphic designer, Joshua Werner of 'As Fall Leaves Illustration', joins the guys this week to discuss some of his many jobs and projects, including the comic 'Jack of Spades'. Also, the guys discuss the success of 'Jurassic World' and Jacob Lloyd's need for pod racing speed! 

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This week, Jeramy and Jack welcome Robert Axelrod to the show to talk about his career as a voice and screen actor, as well as what it was like to voice the most terrifying 'Power Ranger' villian of all, Lord Zedd!

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Alex Labato returns to the show to talk about 'Max Hunter 3: Snow Fall Finale' running on Kickstarter until July 2. The guys also discuss season two of 'Daredevil' and a new look for C3-PO in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

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Sal Brucculeri returns to the show this week to talk about his comic 'Soul Men' currently running on Kickstarter until July 16 and to shed some light on Marvel's Battleworld!

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Jason Ybarra stops by the show to talk about stuntwork he did as the 'Red Ranger' on 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers', how he also landed the role of 'Baboo', and his amazing real life TMNT van. Check it out at

Direct download: Canned_Air_77_Babbling_with_Baboo__An_Interview_with_Jason_Ybarra.mp3
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Artist Tyler Sowles and writer Scott Schmidt join the guys this week to talk about their comic 'Hank Steiner: Monster Detective', the new 'Supergirl' trailer, and a new virtual reality arcade coming to Utah.

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