After a last minute cancellation, we decide to take the week off and leave you with an episode we recorded and held onto for such an occasion! With no agenda or notes, we talk the first two things that come to mind, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and IHOP!
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We welcome Ryan Little, creator of the comic series Lonesomes, back to the show to first help us celebrate Mark Hamill in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Mark recently received the news that he’d be receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018, and we here at Canned Air say, “It’s about time!” He has defined, and redefined, some of the most iconic characters that pop culture has ever seen. Come in and help us celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, Mark Hamill!

Then we turn our attention to Ryan Little to discuss his new comic starting on Kickstarter July 11th, Prometheus. You've heard the legend of Prometheus before; the titan who stole the flame of knowledge from the gods and gave it to mortal man, allowing us to grow and thrive.

For his trespass he was locked away to an eternal punishment at the hands of "The Eagle", a creature of Olympus that would make sure humanity's martyr would suffer for all time. Soon Prometheus faded from fact to fiction to legend, but he never a gave up on us.

The story begins with a battered Prometheus mysteriously liberated from his captivity and dying to see what mankind has made the knowledge he's suffered so long for. And what did he find? Our modern world of nonstop pop culture, rampant anti-intellectualism, and a burgeoning classism. One thing became abundantly clear through the noise of humanity's struggles: someone has stolen the flame of knowledge. And now he's going to get it back.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter and throw some support toward this project!


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We welcome comic and tattoo artist Adam Sward to the show this week to first help us talk about the Transformers in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Michael Bay has left his unwanted mark on this beloved franchise and has managed to make the worst Transformer film yet, so we look back before the day of Bay and remember the best of our favorite Robots in Disguise. Come on in and let us help you wash the taste of The Last Knight out of your mouth.

Then we talk with Adam about his amazing artwork at Illustrating professionally for the last ten years, Adam has drawn everything from comics, to posters, album art, and tattoos. Adam also is the writer and illustrator of the comic Electric Hangover.

Electric Hangover is about relationships, identity, and the frequent adaptations one makes to get through life. Its a story of a group of friends (a witch, her brother, a couch-crashing clerk, the person that he falls for, and a drug-addled robot that seems to keep everyone human) over the course of a year or so, in a time and place somewhat similar to now. Aliens, demonic forces, internet fame, pop-culture diatribes, explosions, love, filthy language, and lots of coffee. There is also a frequent break in the narrative where the artist and writer argue over the way they are telling the story. Electric Hangover; Reboot Your Sense of Self. This is a great episode you won’t want to miss!

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If you have a love for all things MONSTERS, then you’ve come to the right place! We welcome artist Jonathan La Mantia to the show this week to discuss some of his amazing projects on Jonathan has created some of the best, and most intricate commissions (many of which carry a monster theme) you’ll ever see. Each piece has its very own style that sets itself apart from the rest. Pick up a print or a book of Jonathan’s artwork at
In this weeks Retro Roundtable, we remember our favorite monsters from throughout pop culture. Everybody remembers a monster that either gave them their first scare, or would’ve made a perfect friend. Don’t miss this episode, and let us know some of your favorite monsters on Twitter!
Don't forget to watch Neon Joe:Werewolf Hunter, a five part miniseries event May 22-26 at Midnight E/P on Adult Swim!
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We welcome Todd Matthy to the show this week to first share our favorite fictional weapons in this week’s Retro Roundtable. We discuss the multiple uses for such weapons, like the light saber, the Doc Ock’s tentacles, and the portal gun. What are some of your favorite fictional weapons? Let us know on Twitter!

Then we talk with Todd about his comic and upcoming Kickstarter for his comic, Robots vs. Princesses. If you’re a fan of Disney's Princesses and/or the Transformers, is a beautiful and fun comic mash-up for all ages! Check out more at and keep an eye out for the Kickstarter, coming in May!
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Throw on some sun glasses and sunscreen as we celebrate the arrival of summer. We welcome Todd Tochioka of to the show as we remember our favorite summer movies in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Whether they were made and marketed as summer movies, or they just remind you personally of summer, we remember the best and worst of the films that make us feel like spending a day at the beach.
Then we turn our attention to Todd to discuss Kindred Homecomings, his comic available on The comic is about Jane Borchardt, a hard working actress living in Los Angeles, CA. The daily grind can get exhausting after a while, so when she unexpectedly receives word that she's inherited her estranged grandmother's coastal property in the sleepy area of Solano County, she packs her weekend bag and heads north up the Pacific Coast Highway.
Although the house is not in livable condition, Jane decides to clean and fix up what she can in order to sell the property as soon as possible. At night, there are strange noises coming from within the walls, and with the help of the county sherriff, Malinda Claire, Jane soon discovers it's something much more terrifying than rats in the walls.
Featuring 2017 ICFFA Actress of the Year, Jamie Bernatte (@jamiebernadett), as Jane Borchardt and the Unwritable Rant podcast's Juliette Miranda (@morningneurosis) as Sheriff Malinda Claire, Kindred Homecomings, will be released as a full-color three-issue limited comic book series.  Head over to Snug Comics to pre-order your copy and check out a few pages from the book as well!
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After a much needed week off, we return refreshed and ready to root around through comics and pop culture!
We welcome Austin Allen Hamblin to the show to talk about his comics, The Headless Hitman and The Adventures of Punk and Rock. Austin has been published over 20 times and has interned for Devil’s Due and First Comics. He has also worked with creators from all over the world. Head over to to check out more about Austin and read some comics!
In our Retro Roundtable, we talk about our favorite implements of portable gaming. Remember a time when portable games housed only one game? When Nintendo and Sega were mortal enemies? Do you remember a time when Gameboy ruled over all? Canned Air remembers.
Royalty Free music provided by
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Greetings from Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con 2017! We record this week’s episode in its entirety at the convention as we enjoy and cover the event. We start by sharing our favorite parts of the convention, as well as our favorite cosplayers before Jack cracks open his Comic Con Mystery Box. Ever wonder what those huge, question mark boxes hold? Wonder no more!
After that, we take a trip down Artist Alley to check out some new independent comics! We start with Jake’s interview with JM Dragunas about his comic The Sires of Time, followed by Jeramy’s interview with Greg Wright of Source Point Press to talk about some of the new comics that have been released since Greg last joined us on the show. Be sure to check out the amazing work from both of these artists by following the links below!
Then we cut over to a couple of panels we got with some amazing actors. First, we  bring you a Q&A Panel with Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven from Stranger Things! Then after that panel, we bring you another Q&A with The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie! Both of these amazing talents answer so many questions from fans that any curiosities you may have will certainly be answered! Don’t miss it.
Then before we sign off, we welcome the Game Fix podcast as they finished their panel to see how it went, as well as see what their favorite parts of the convention were. If you couldn’t make it to the con, then come on in and experience it with us!
There will be video coverage of the interviews and panels in this episode released soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the days following the release of this episode.
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We all stay home this week to hide from an oncoming snow storm, but the miracle that is Skype allows us to record an episode none the less!

We start the episode off talking about John Goodman's roles from over the years. With the release of Kong: Skull Island and John receiving his own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, we felt the topic only appropriate. Remember Arachnaphobia? Remember Raising Arizona? Canned Air remembers.

We then top the episode off with a few rounds of Versus. We roll dice onto a chart of fictional villains and heroes alike. Whichever two characters they land on then fight to the death....via debate and discussion. This week, we bring you Hellboy vs. Wonder Woman, The Greatest American Hero vs. Gambit, and Rocket Raccoon vs. Green Arrow. Get it here!

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We start this week's episode off remembering Bill Paxton in our Retro Roundtable. We discuss some of Bill's movies like Twister, Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, and more. Not to mention the Twister…Ride It Out experience that Bill narrated for Universal Studios, Florida. He was a great talent that helped define a cinematic era and he will be missed.

Then later in the show, we welcome Davien Watkins to the show to discuss his comic publishing company Superhero Enterprises, as well as his comic, Notes. In the enigmatic underground world of music there has emerged a socially responsible figure that symbolizes what it means to "DO THE RIGHT THING"! Magnetized with virtue and mystical superpowers Superhero Enterprises brings you Notes! Don’t miss this episode!
'Human Beings'
Van Halen
Twister Soundtrack
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