We open up this weeks episode with a Retro Roundtable dedicated to the 4th of July! It was this month in 1885 that the Statue of Liberty first arrived in New York harbor, so we remember all of Lady Liberty’s cameos from throughout pop culture. We discuss the obvious Ghostbusters 2 and Planet of the Apes cameos, but we also mention a few you probably weren’t even thinking of. Get in here!

Then we welcome colorist and visual effects artist Kevin Gallegly to the show to discuss his work on the successfully funded reboot of the comic Cat and Mouse. Some of you might recognize the title from the comic from the 1980s and early 90s that was first published by EFGraphics in color and then picked up by Malibu's Aircel imprint and ran for about two years. That series had a dedicated fan following and some critical acclaim. This is not that story or even the same “Cat” and “Mouse,” but fans of that series will recognize several secondary characters from volume 1 and this story is written very much with the same spirit as the original series. Check out Cat and Mouse on Kickstarter for more details and be sure to stop by TheTackyTiki.com to find out more about Kevin and his awesome career!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!


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We welcome voice actor Caleb Belew to the show to help us remember some of our favorite summer blockbuster movies in this weeks Retro Roundtable. It was this month in 1975 that JAWS was released and not only becoming an instant classic, but also became the first Summer Blockbuster film. We look at movies like Armageddon, Batman & Robin, Avatar and Fern Gully. Get in here!

Then we turn our attention to Caleb to talk about his career in the voice over industry. Caleb has been a voice actor local to Columbus, Ohio for several years now. He’s starred in commercials for broadcast TV and Radio, narration for audio books and e-learning projects, weather broadcasting, and more! Head over to DeepBelewVoice.com to find out more about Caleb!



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We are joined by Valentin Ramon (co-creator of D4VE and Hot Damn) to first help us remember the movies of the past that could’ve benefited from practical effects in our Retro Roundtable. Suggested by one of our Patreon backers, we dig deep and call out all of these movies who should’ve known better than to ever go the way of CGI. Come in and see if we name the one you’re thinking of.

Then we turn our attention to Valentin and talk about Z: A Worldless Graphic Novel.
Z is a 96 B/W pages graphic novel with a morning glory hardcover ONG (14,5 x 21 cm landscape).
Z is a wordless book. No more room in the world for meaningless words.
Z is a funny book. A visual dystopian metaphor inside a song without lyrics, a lonely scream on the sea of human stupidity inside a silly book.
Z is a nihilistic detective of sorts. Think the Batman of the 40’s but naif.
Z is a personal view about the origins of terrorism. Expect some government conspiracies, diabolic corporations and religious blindness.
Be sure to check out think unique book at https://www.zworldandshop.com



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Greeting everyone and welcome to our coverage of the COLUMBUS WIZARD WORLD COMIC CON 2018! We had another amazing time this year covering the show and got a few interviews we hope you all enjoy.

On our trip down Artist Alley, we run into friend of the show Travis Horseman and get an interview detailing what his comic AMICULUS is all about and how to get your copies. We welcomed Travis to the show back on episode #163, be sure to check it out!

After that, we catch up with Bob Salley with Source Point Press and see whats new with his comic series Salvagers. Check out episodes #110 and #174 where we not only talk about Bob’s comics, but also sing some Television Theme Song Karaoke!

Then we get the chance to talk with Daniel Logan, Boba Fett in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Clone Wars. Daniel tells us how he prepared for the film, his eagerness to reprise the role, and what its like to be in the extended Star Wars family.

We end the show with our very own panel at this years Wizard World Comic Con. We discuss our experiences at the con, current movie trailers, and what we all dislike about Batman. If you couldn’t make it to the show come on in and see what you missed. Keep an eye on our social media for our next live performance!



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We start this weeks show by discussing our favorite spin-offs in the Retro Roundtable! With the topic being inspired by the release of Solo, we look at spin-off movies that are popular today, spin-off television show, and video game spin-offs that missed their mark. Let us know any we may have forgotten on Facebook and Twitter.

Then we welcome Sam Johnson back to the show to discuss his comic Geek-Girl and the release of the first issue of the second mini series. After ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye landed a pair of power-inducing super-tech glasses from her college’s resident brainiac, Ruby alienated the majority of her clique while klutzily trying to demonstrate her newfound abilities – accidentally knocking drinks over their expensive designer dresses. Her BFF Summer James was into what Ruby could do now, though – and pushed her into trying to be a super-hero – jokily giving her the moniker ‘Geek-Girl,’ following her actions.

In a desperate fight to save her city of Maine from mysterious new villain Lightning Storm, Ruby gave her all… and neither she nor Lightning Storm were left standing…

Now, new-crooks-on-block The League of Larcenists look to grow in number and capitalize on the hole in law enforcement left by Lightning Storm. And in Ruby’s absence, Summer has picked up the glasses and taken on the mantle of Geek-Girl. Head over to GeekGirlComics.com and check out a preview!



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We welcome Frank Mula back to the show this week to first look back into pop culture history in our Retro Roundtable. It was this month in 1934 that Bonnie and Clyde were shot to death, and in 1991 the film Thelma & Louise was released in theaters, so we discuss fictional small time crooks and and mobsters! From Harry & Marv to The Fratellis, we talk some of the best and most memorable bandits and bad guys!
Then we turn our attention over to Frank to discuss the release of his comic, Fallstreak. In 1994, a fourteen-year-old boy named MATT, witnesses a rare event called CLOUD-EMPTYING. A cloud falls from the sky in a hurricane storm and freezes everything on the ground it contacts. The cloud-emptying encases his neighbor's house in a block of ice and claims the life of a child, shattering the peaceful quiet of his small town. The following night, Matt looks outside his bedroom window to discover the lifeless body of a MONSTER being removed from the destroyed house by the N.W.S., a clandestine government agency responsible for covering up the monster's existence. An agent, nicknamed THE WOLF, warns Matt and his best friend DANNY, to forget what they have seen, and for a while they do...Until the kids are caught up in a conspiracy that follows them into adulthood and ends with a war for the world. Click the link below to get your copy today!
Fallstreak at Source Point Press
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