Brian Lau returns to the show this week to help us determine the best movie openings and twist endings of all time! Many of the movies you may expect and many you won’t. We look at films like Spider-Man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Planet of the Apes, The Watchmen, plus many others. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if we named your favorite, of forgot to mention it all together!

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We start this week’s episode by looking back into pop culture history in the Retro Roundtable. This week in 1960 the first laser was patented, so we talk about lasers and their influence on sci-fi and pop culture. They protect our valuables, are the weapon of choice of any space adventure, are used to perform surgery, and were all the graphic of choice in the 80’s. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you can think of other ways lasers have influenced pop culture.

Then, since we have no guest, we take a second look into pop culture history! It was this week in 1980 that the Dallas television cliffhanger, “Who Shot J.R.?” first aired. So we remember some our favorite cliffhangers in television and movies. We recall some of the best suspenseful season enders from The Simpsons, Twin Peaks, The Walking Dead, and more! Get in here!
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We welcome comic creator Michael Loniewski to the show to first help us look back into pop culture history for this week’s Retro Roundtable. It was this week in 1982 that Metallica played their first live show, so we decided to talk all things heavy metal. We share all of our experiences in the mosh pit, what it is about metal music that delivers so much energy, and wonder how things could possibly get out of control at a Cage the Elephant concert.

Then we turn our attention to Michael to talk about his comic Gung Ho. A fugitive ape, fighting to redeem his militant past, must battle vengeful superheroes and bigoted humans as he races to stop his radicalized mentor fused with dangerous powers. Head over to Comixology to get your copy. A 55 page comic book for a dollar? Who wouldn’t?!
Gung Ho on Comixology


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We welcome comic creator Brian Silveira to the show to first help us look back into pop culture history in this week’s Retro Roundtable. It was this week in 1933 that Monopoly was created and trademarked, so we talk all things board games! We discuss our favorite games, how we had fun with certain games without even playing them, and how operation inspired some DIY oral surgery! A conversation you won’t want to miss!

Then we talk with Brian about his comic BUN, an independent comic about boy, a girl, an unspeakable evil, and a rabbit. The fresh concept and the beautiful artwork make this a great read you won’t want to miss. And it’s free! Head to and start reading now!


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We start this weeks episode by first looking back into pop culture history in our Retro Round Table. It was in 2002 that The Osbournes first premiered on MTV , so we discuss reality television. The Osbournes not only introduced reality television, they changed TV forever! As a result, the way shows are filmed, the way we view them, and even who we consider celebrities has changed. Get in here and see how deep its influence runs! 

Then we welcome Mohamed Abdel Khalik to the show to discuss his comic Tut in Fruits of Labor! Tut in Fruits of Labor is an adventure graphic novel set in Ancient Egypt that follows a clumsy teenager trying to find his place in the world. Circumstance finds him advising the king, locked in a tomb, befriending mummies, and crossing swords with evil deities on the Nile. Be sure to check it out!




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