We are joined this week by comic writer/ artist Ashley West as we first look back into pop culture history in this weeks Retro Roundtable. It was this week in 2006 that iTunes sold its billionth music download. So we discuss the impact of the digital music era and how it’s changed not only the music industry, but changed the ways we listen and how we interpret music. If you have fond memories of buying cassettes or CD’s, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!
Then we turn our attention to Ashley and discuss her comic Velthaneus, running on Kickstarter until March 4th. Thane, our main man, a prisoner fettered by the constraints of Terapin, a towering stronghold, dwells in the bottomless Karstian Cavern teeming with monstrous trogs. When he escapes purgatory with the power of raw id, the source of impulse within all verthians, will Thane liven up the streets of Karst with a new party trick, or lose his mind to the same destiny that swallowed the city nearly three decades prior? Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/293079565/velthaneus-the-first-chapter-a-sci-fi-comic and show your support before March 4th!
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We welcome comic creator John Dudley to the show this week to first help us look back into Pop Culture history in our Retro Roundtable. This week in 2005, YouTube first went online, so we talk about the influence the website has had on the world. People have found world wide embarrassment, fame, prosperous careers, and hours upon hours of entertainment! Let us know what your favorite YouTube video is on Twitter. 

Then we turn our attention to John and talk about his comic Packs of the Lowcountry. Bastion is tired of hiding from the monsters that conquered the planet. He wants to be a hero. Unfortunately, he's jumping into a story-in-progress that may not have room for his heroic ideals. Mysterious inhuman powers and bloodthirsty creatures may prove to be the least of his concerns. Brace for impact, Bastion. You're screwed. Check out the soundtrack at https://soundcloud.com/don-cardenas/sets/packs-of-the-lowcountry-soundtrack !
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Welcome to another episode of your favorite comics and pop culture podcast! This week we welcome writer Cody Sousa to first help us look back into pop culture history in the Retro Roundtable. This week in 1982, Late Night with David Letterman first premiered, so we talk about all of our favorite late night talk shows. We cover some of Letterman’s most memorable moments, the war for 11:30 pm between Jay Leno and Conan, and remember some of the musicians who played sidekick to our late night comedians. 
Then we turn our attention to Cody to discuss his comic, Sonatas. Mysterious voices lure a man back to his hometown to visit an abandoned house that he used to frequent as a child. But as he journeys through his old hangout, he encounters a supernatural presence that forces him to face his past and his darkest fears. Get your copy in your local comic shop February 21st, and be sure to visit AlternaComics.com!
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With no guest, we at a look back into pop culture history for this week’s Retro Roundtable! It was this month in 1958 that Lego patented the famous Lego brick, so we discuss our favorite memories with Lego, why Mega Blocks are not a suitable substitute, and the true origins of the Lego brick. If you love Legos, make sure you listen to this episode!

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