Happy Halloween everyone! We pay tribute to the holiday in this week’s episode by first telling creepy stories and facts we’ve found on the internet in our Retro Roundtable. Hear about glasses that let you see into another dimension, the true inspiration of Freddy Krueger, and the pale lady who haunts a hotel room. Grab a flashlight, kill the lights and turn it up!

Then we welcome back to the show Daniel Prim to talk about his comic 'Blender', the comic that follows Sam, an average guy who is constantly tortured by the very writer who created him. 'Blender' follows Sam’s resulting madness and shines a light on the dark side of humanity. Go to FreeFantasyComics.com to read it for free!

Then we welcome the star of ‘Troll 2’, and ‘the documentary ‘Best Worst Movie’, George Hardy! George talks about the cult phenomenon Troll 2 has become, how the movie came to be, what it means to him, and what we shouldn’t be doing to hospitality. Also, some upcoming projects George has in the works. So you can’t miss this episode, I WON’T ALLOW IT!





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Greetings to you loyal listener! Comic creator Ben Grisanti joins us to first help us remember some of the best slasher movies and icons in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Having just been Friday the 13th, and with Halloween upon us, it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the best supernatural slashing serial killers!

The we talk with Ben about Polybius Dreams, his comic that is currently running on Kickstarter until Nov. 11th. The town of Autumn Hill is shocked by the death of a high school boy, and while the adults search for a reason, a mysterious visitor arrives in town. Jimmy and Jamie, owners of the local arcade, witness a noticeable change in their customers. Meanwhile, Patrick, Paul, and Michael think they might know what the source of the discord is. Will they be able to intervene before another young life is lost? This is a great comic you won’t want to miss. Check out Chapter 1, and don’t miss your chance to back Chapter 2 on Kickstarter!

From the Starset album ‘Vessels'
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This week, we bring you our third installment of What If…, and we discuss what the world might be like had the internet never existed. We touch on some of the many different effects that having, and not having, the internet has had on the world. Our society, business, and basic social skills would be drastically different. We also discuss what might happen if we woke up one day and the internet was gone. How would we react? Mass Hysteria? More than likely. So get in here and help us ask, What If…The Internet Never Existed?!



‘Point of No Return’
From the Starset album ‘Transmissions’


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We welcome John Yuskaitis Jr. back to the show to first help us share some catchphrases and one-liners from our favorite movies in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Some of these phrases transcend the movies that gave them life and become part of our everyday conversations. Everyone knows someone who has abused the phrase “Get to the Choppa!” Come in and see what we came up with.
Then we turn our attention to John and talk a bit about Boots and Pup. Boots craves normalcy and an honest living - too bad Pup and his free spirit ways interfere at every turn! The tale of two best friends, an oddball fish and office shenanigans against a sci-fi background! What ancient object does Pup keep under his hat and who are the worm and warlord obsessed with its secret? Go to BootsandPup.com to see more!
‘Walls’- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
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