We welcome comic and tattoo artist Adam Sward to the show this week to first help us talk about the Transformers in this week’s Retro Roundtable. Michael Bay has left his unwanted mark on this beloved franchise and has managed to make the worst Transformer film yet, so we look back before the day of Bay and remember the best of our favorite Robots in Disguise. Come on in and let us help you wash the taste of The Last Knight out of your mouth.

Then we talk with Adam about his amazing artwork at SwardDraws.com. Illustrating professionally for the last ten years, Adam has drawn everything from comics, to posters, album art, and tattoos. Adam also is the writer and illustrator of the comic Electric Hangover.

Electric Hangover is about relationships, identity, and the frequent adaptations one makes to get through life. Its a story of a group of friends (a witch, her brother, a couch-crashing clerk, the person that he falls for, and a drug-addled robot that seems to keep everyone human) over the course of a year or so, in a time and place somewhat similar to now. Aliens, demonic forces, internet fame, pop-culture diatribes, explosions, love, filthy language, and lots of coffee. There is also a frequent break in the narrative where the artist and writer argue over the way they are telling the story. Electric Hangover; Reboot Your Sense of Self. This is a great episode you won’t want to miss!





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We try something new this week and bring you our first 'What If…’ episode! Based on the same concept as the Marvel comics of the same title, we will be taking significant moments from throughout pop culture and discussing the different possible outcomes of that event if a few minor details were changed. So to kick it off, we decided to start with Walt Disney!

There’s hardly a soul alive who hasn’t heard the name Disney, or who hasn’t had some exposure to the brand. This entertainment titan has its name on many different networks and properties you probably didn’t know about. So this week we propose, What If… Disney Never Existed? How different of a world would we live in without Disney to usher in the age of animation, introduce a new way of family vacationing to the world, and the innovations in both areas that have changed both industries dramatically? The effects run much deeper than you may realize. Come on in and take a glimpse at what a world without Walt Disney might be like.
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We start this week by paying tribute to the man behind the cowl, Adam West. Adam introduced Batman to a new generation of fans in the 60’s and put his own heart and soul into the Bat, which still remains with the character to this day. With all of his different screen and voice rolls over the years, Adam has left a mark on nearly everyone who’s seen his work. So come on in and help us pay tribute to the Bright Knight!

We are joined by Mark Schmidt of StratumComics.com to talk about issue five of his comic series The Threat, running on Kickstarter until June 29th. In the not too distant future, humanity is dying at apocalyptic rates. The only solution is through Recombinant DNA, which causes mutations in a small percentage of the population. These people become know as VIRALS.
As cybernetically enhanced humans patrol the streets of Houston, preserving a hellish segregation, those who work for ANITEC are protected in their lives of luxury, while the rest are left to scrape together what life they can in the dangerous under-streets of the city. But there are still some, who will rise to seize a better future, becoming a THREAT to those who would keep them down. Don’t miss your chance to back this project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stratumcomics/the-threat-comic-series.



Some royalty free music provided by TeknoAxe.com

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We are joined by Mike Bloom of Italianocomic.com as we first share our favorite heroines from throughout pop culture in our Retro Roundtable. In honor of Wonder Woman’s release in theaters, we remember the bravest and boldest female heroes, who have far more guts than we’ll ever have. What are some of your favorite women heroes in pop culture? Let us know via Twitter!
Then we turn our attention to Mike to talk about Italiano, his comic running on Kickstarter until June 30th. Italiano is the story of four very colorful crime familieswho are locked in a war for control of Capitol City. The series will take you on a journey through the inner working of all four of these twisted families, but our main focus is on Mario Italiano. Mario is the head of the East Coast and the series covers his battles as he attempts to seize control of the city. He will wage wars, strike alliances, and bring his form of justice to the streets. But as he makes his play for power he is opposed by many.
Head over to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916419692/italiano-the-graphic-novel-series and show some support to this awesome comic!
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Snooch to the Nooch! We welcome comic creator Brian Lau to the show this week to first help us pay tribute to Kevin Smith, his movies, and anything View Askew related in our Retro Roundtable. On top of making some awesome films, Kevin helped usher the comic world into the mainstream, as well as the podcasting world with all the pods at Smodcast.com. Whether you're a die hard fan or a casual fan, you won't want to miss this episode!

Then we turn our attention over to Brian to talk about his comic Staunch Ambition. Out of the enlightenment, both science and technology are born anew. As mankind continues to advance in scientific knowledge, breakthrough upon breakthrough compound, exponentially. Through this new technology, mankind is able to transcend its physical limitations by passing through the thought dimension and entering the supernatural. This is a gorgeous comic you won't want to miss. Head over to StaunchAmbition.com to find out more. Snoogans!





"Staunch Ambition Theme” and “Take Another Chance”
Elements of Kadence

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