This week, our friends from the UK return to talk comics and wrastling! Nick Goode, Harry Hughes, and Luke Barnes join us to discuss their new graphic novel 'The Eventide: Snow Chronicles', available Feb. 22nd. This book will contain five stories which provide a deeper look into the Snow Universe. Head over to to check out more about 'Snow:The Dawn' and 'The Eventide: Snow Chronicles'.

In this weeks 'Retro Roundtable' we talk about WWF/WWE wrestling from the 80's and 90's. Though we all don't know a lot about wrestling, we know a lot about wrestling video games. So get in here before we body slam you Brother!

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This week we welcome Rebecca Mayar of to the show to talk about her comics 'Ham of God', 'Wall', and 'Scratchy Cat & Pookie'.

'Ham of God', or 'HoG', is a comedy/drama about an unlucky pig named Ham. It's a little dark, so if that's your type of humor you should check it out. 'Scratchy Cat & Pookie' is about two guys who work in radio and get into shenanigans. 'Wall' is a horror comic. It's main character is a young woman who is dealing with strange occurrences all around her. An array of stories that will satisfy any reading mood you should be in!

In our 'Retro Roundtable, we remember our favorite 'Nickelodeon ' shows from the 90's. From cartoons, teen comedies, and a ton of great game shows, if you watched even a little bit of 'Nick' in the 90's, you'll find yourself right at home in this weeks episode!

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Do you enjoy detective tales? How about detective tales that take place on a ship with millions of people hurtling through space on a 1,000 year journey? If your answer is 'yes' then you won't want to miss this weeks episode! We welcome Scott Markley to talk about his book 'Stellar Detective Tales: The Hunt for the Living Shadow'.

In the year 2073, Earth, suffering from overcrowding, energy shortages, and planetary disaster, sent 8 million people aboard a colony ship towards Proxima Beta, the nearest habitable planet. For 100 years this ship, the NEW YORK, better known to its inhabitants as ‘The NAWK’, has traveled in relative peace. But with 900 years to go, cracks are beginning to form in the perfect society. It is into the warm pot Detective Leslie Flynt finds himself thrust into the life of Officer Samuel Teegs, becoming a member of the thin blue line in a century he’s never even imagined. Buy your copy on Amazon!

In this weeks Retro Roundtable, we share our most desired super powers, what we'd do with them if we had them, and the stipulations behind each. Come on it and see if we name your favorite super power!

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Happy New Year to all of our listeners! We kick off 2017 by welcoming Travis Horseman to the show, the writer and creator of the graphic novel series Amiculus: A Secret History. This series tells a lost history of the fall of the Western Roman Empire through the eyes of its last emperor, a 12-year-old-boy named Romulus. Yet its pages reveal the work of a secret hand behind the demise of Rome, a shadowy figure known only as AMICULUS. This is a beautiful series you won't want to miss!

In our Retro Roundtable, we remember Carrie Fisher and discuss the newest addition to the Star Wars universe, Rogue One. If you're looking for awesome space battles, some forced cameos, a new droid to love, and the Darth Vader scene you've waited to see for years, this movie is for you! So pour a glass of blue milk and come on in!

'Just A Secret'
Artist: Hail Sagan

Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher

Happy Days/ You Made Me Love You

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