Due to technical difficulties, we are forced to take the week off. So we leave you with another installment on the 'Superman Radio Show' titled 'The Emerald of the Incas'. If you want to hear more vintage Superman, check out our catalog for more episodes!
Be sure to check out the Kickstarter running for 'Rapid City Below Zero' #5 Page 6. Every $100 raised pays for a new page!
We'll be back next week. Thanks for listening!

'I Am Superman' by 'The Clique'

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If you've been looking for a new take on a zombie apocalypse, then be sure you don't miss this episode! This week we welcome comic creator J Wright to the show to talk about his series,'UnDead End'.
Dean, a hypochondriac, who is convinced he's infected with a myriad of ailments at the slightest sign of a symptom, is working the late shift delivering pizzas all over his hometown of Rockaway crossing paths with old friends and enemies. When a military convoy of trucks passes through the town carrying a mysterious cargo, people start to get sick with a mysterious illness, and start turning into disgusting undead cannibals. Now Dean is confronted with the personification of his greatest fear, and left with a choice: Does he desert the only home he's ever known? Or does he face his fears and help save the rest of his town? This is truly a great comic you won't want to miss.
In this week's 'Retro Roundtable', we discuss our favorite MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) of the past, the present, and even some that don't exsist!


**All 8-Bit royalty free tracks provided by @teknoaxe

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Jerome Walford of Forward Comix stops by this week to discuss his successful Kickstarter for 'The Gwan Anthology'. 'Gwan' is a collection of short stories, centered around themes of foreign lands, the immigrant experience & cultural fusion.
The overall goal for this anthology will be to highlight and celebrate comic creators who produce work with a sense of the immigrant/expat perspective, expressing both the joys and challenges of such a journey. The anthology is open to any genre: sci-fi, fantasy or slice of life; open to both real and imagined experiences. 30 different artists from 15 different countries make up this anthology. Be sure to grab a copy, coming this September!
In this weeks 'Retro Roundtable', we share our favorite characters and moments from 'Futurama'. We also play a quick round of 'Futurama' Trivia. Come on in and see how well you do!



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This week we are joined by Emilio Rodriguez of Tres Calaveras Studios to talk about his comic series, 'Sara Rising'.
'Sara Rising' is a very special story about a teenage girl, an alien bounty hunter, an adaptive bio-weapon, alien gangsters, and an evil fast food manager — so, no, not your typical teenage angst tale. It is an Epic sci-fi tale that tells the story about Sara Vargas who is just your average 16-year-old high school student. Sara is something of a dreamer and well, like most high schoolers, is totally bored with her life. Needless to say, that is about to change. This is a great series that keeps you wanting more, so don't miss it!
In this weeks 'Retro Roundtable', we share our favorite mutants from television, cinema and comics! Look us up on Twitter and Facebook and let us know your favorites!


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