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Jul 19, 2019

I am joined by good friend Harold Daniel this week to talk about our toy addictions, the golden age of the cassette, what happened to the music industry, and our first jobs. This episode is off the cuff and somehow still has it all! GET IN HERE!!!

Loverz Rendezvous Podcast

Jul 12, 2019

David J. Fielding returns this week to help us review the newest edition to the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home! We dissect the pluses and minuses of this film while SPOILING the hell out of it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Let us know what you thought on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @DavidJFielding

Jul 5, 2019

We are joined by Jay Bartlett this week to first help us recall some of our favorite action figures in our Retro Roundtable. As toy lovers, we all have an action figure or two that stand out among the rest. One that either takes you back to a better time in life, or one that has an interesting tale tied to it, we pay...

Jun 28, 2019

We are joined by Adam Fields to first help us recall our favorite modified humans from across pop culture in this weeks Retro Roundtable. We look at such tragic characters as Dr. Octopus, Inspector Gadget, RoboCop, Wolverine, and more. Let us know your favorite on Facebook and Twitter!

We then turn our attention over to...

Jun 21, 2019

We welcome Mike Colletti of The Ohio Retro Gaming Summit to first help us remember some of our favorite tunes from video games, movies, and television in this week’s Retro Roundtable. We look at songs from games like Super Mario World, DK Country 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Streets of Rage 2, and many more! Let us know...