Greetings from Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con 2017! We record this week’s episode in its entirety at the convention as we enjoy and cover the event. We start by sharing our favorite parts of the convention, as well as our favorite cosplayers before Jack cracks open his Comic Con Mystery Box. Ever wonder what those huge, question mark boxes hold? Wonder no more!
After that, we take a trip down Artist Alley to check out some new independent comics! We start with Jake’s interview with JM Dragunas about his comic The Sires of Time, followed by Jeramy’s interview with Greg Wright of Source Point Press to talk about some of the new comics that have been released since Greg last joined us on the show. Be sure to check out the amazing work from both of these artists by following the links below!
Then we cut over to a couple of panels we got with some amazing actors. First, we  bring you a Q&A Panel with Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven from Stranger Things! Then after that panel, we bring you another Q&A with The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie! Both of these amazing talents answer so many questions from fans that any curiosities you may have will certainly be answered! Don’t miss it.
Then before we sign off, we welcome the Game Fix podcast as they finished their panel to see how it went, as well as see what their favorite parts of the convention were. If you couldn’t make it to the con, then come on in and experience it with us!
There will be video coverage of the interviews and panels in this episode released soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the days following the release of this episode.
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We all stay home this week to hide from an oncoming snow storm, but the miracle that is Skype allows us to record an episode none the less!

We start the episode off talking about John Goodman's roles from over the years. With the release of Kong: Skull Island and John receiving his own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, we felt the topic only appropriate. Remember Arachnaphobia? Remember Raising Arizona? Canned Air remembers.

We then top the episode off with a few rounds of Versus. We roll dice onto a chart of fictional villains and heroes alike. Whichever two characters they land on then fight to the death....via debate and discussion. This week, we bring you Hellboy vs. Wonder Woman, The Greatest American Hero vs. Gambit, and Rocket Raccoon vs. Green Arrow. Get it here!

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Welcome to another installment of Canned Air's T.V. Theme Song Karaoke! We welcome Bob Salley back to the show to once again remember our favorite t.v. theme songs by butchering each of them with karaoke! If we didn’t cover your favorite in episode #110, then perhaps we sing it in this episode.

Then we talk with Bob about his Kickstarter for Shelter Division: The Beginning, running until March 15th. Emrik Chaplin in an investigator for a government agency known as Shelter Division. He and his “Bigfoot” looking partner Biggs investigate a robbery that leads them into some “weird $#!+.” It’s a case full of brutal crimes and other dimensions. Don’t miss your chance to back this project, and thank you for being a friend!


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We are posting an extra episode this week to bring you our interview with the Angry Video Game Nerd himself, James Rolfe!
We talk with James about how he started film making, what goes into making an episode of AVGN, some upcoming summer movies, and much more. He also shares some behind the scenes facts about the production and premiere of the AVGN movie! So set down your game controller and listen to us talk with the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard, the Angry Video Game Nerd!
‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ Theme Song
Written and Performed by Kyle Justin
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We start this week's episode off remembering Bill Paxton in our Retro Roundtable. We discuss some of Bill's movies like Twister, Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, and more. Not to mention the Twister…Ride It Out experience that Bill narrated for Universal Studios, Florida. He was a great talent that helped define a cinematic era and he will be missed.

Then later in the show, we welcome Davien Watkins to the show to discuss his comic publishing company Superhero Enterprises, as well as his comic, Notes. In the enigmatic underground world of music there has emerged a socially responsible figure that symbolizes what it means to "DO THE RIGHT THING"! Magnetized with virtue and mystical superpowers Superhero Enterprises brings you Notes! Don’t miss this episode!
'Human Beings'
Van Halen
Twister Soundtrack
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This week we welcome Victor Detroy to the show to discuss his comic Man vs. Rock! Join renowned, homeless geology professor, Buck Stone, on his quest to stop the ultimate threat to humanity--Rocks! This is one comic you need to check out for yourself. Get your copy at 

If you had to name your favorite fictional mentor, who would it be? We answer that question in this weeks Retro Roundtable. From Al Ghul to Xavier, we share some mentors your may expect, and defiantly some you won’t. Come on in and see if we name one of your favorites!
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We are posting an extra episode this week to bring you a very special interview with voice over legend, Phil LaMarr! We get to talk with Phil about his experiences working on Pulp Fiction, his time at Mad TV, and the evolution of his Futurama character, Hermes Conrad. We also discuss the upcoming fifth season of Samurai Jack, premiering March 11th on Adult Swim, and what it was like for Phil reprising his iconic role. This is an interview you won’t want to miss. Sweet llamas of the Bahamas, get in here!
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 This week we celebrate and ogle some of the sexiest characters pop culture has to offer! We start by listing our picks for the most  attractive fictional characters in this weeks Retro Roundtable. Some of our picks you can probably predict, but you'll be surprised by the rest of them. What fictional character would you have on your list? Be sure to let us know on Twitter!
 Then we welcome back Sam Johnson back to the show to talk about his comic Geek-Girl. When 'Little Miss Popular' Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she's granted flight, super-strength, and - due to a flaw in the glasses' programming - super-klutziness! Geek-Girl #3 - a Jump-On issue featuring a special 2-page recap of Geek-Girl #1-#2 - is out now. Head over to to get your copy!
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In the ever growing genre of collectable monsters comes a comic featuring a new set of creatures for you to obsess over. We are joined by Ryan Little to talk about his Kickstarter for issue two of his comic series Lonesomes. Lonesomes tells the story of a bunch of lonely kids who discover mysterious, mystical creatures called Lonesomes that are drawn to their unique loneliness. All of you Pokemon and Digimon fans out there will love this comic. Don’t miss your chance to back this Kickstarter running until Feb. 23rd.

Speaking of Pokemon, we dissect the franchise in this weeks Retro Roundtable. What makes these games so appealing? What would the world be like if Pokemon really did exist? What Pokemon would we all be better without? The answer to these questions and more lie within! Plus, with some help from our guest, we will finally get to see what the Canned Air created Pokemon look like. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the first artist conceptions of Dredburp and Calcium Claws! Get in here!!


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Do you love detective stories? So do we, and do we have a good one for you this week. We welcome writer Michael Lent to talk about his comic ‘I, Holmes’. Everyone has a secret. Her secret can get her killed, and she doesn't even know what it is. This detective thriller is a comic you won’t want to miss. Check it out!
When you think of fictional robots, who comes to mind first? In this weeks episode, we all answer that question. Modern technology continues to deviled us different types of robots that will change our way of life in ways we can’t imagine. But the robots our inner child longs for can only be found in comics, television, movies, and video games. Join us as we remember some of our favorites! From Bender to Chappie, we are bound to name one of your favorites!
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